Monday, September 19, 2011

Zoe goes to kindergarten

 I can hardly believe that Zoe is five and already starting kindergarten.
She was so excited to finally be going to school with her sisters.
Not a chance would she wear the cute uniform outfit I had picked out for her! That's our girl!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Just so sad - Bare with me while I do a little whining

    Wow - it has sure been a little while since I have been here. It's Saturday morning, I should be waking up next to my my hubby down in Laguna, California. Instead I am in my room- reading blogs searching for inspiring stories, or simply things to take my mind of my sad state. The build up of this getaway was amazing - Mike had a business Conference in Laguna- and his manager suggested that he should take his wife.  ME! We bought the ticket, figured out help with our three little women, I cleaned and cleaned (which is huge for me). I swear I did 10 loads of laundry (apparently) I missed doing my girls laundry the week before. Because 10 loads is not normal for one week! I got my hair cut (when showing of my short locks to Eryn - I exclaimed see isn't it nice to have ME back). Got my hair colored - so I didn't have to stare at my greys!
     I even went all out - bought some tea lights and fake rose petals (only $2.00 in the Valentine section at Walmart) I borrowed a suitcase a purse (the purse to look more hip in Cali). I borrowed a few things from Eryn - there is something exciting to me about putting something new - or new to me on. Am I the only one who feels this way? I even did a fashion show for my fashionista sister - and my nieces.  I got my suitcase actually closed. It was 4:30,  I was leaving my house at 7:15.
     I went to borrow some magazines from our friends and just bent over to look at their computer at a google map of downtown Laguna - and then it hit. A panreatitis attack like days of old. I went from a 5 to a 9 in about 15 minutes. I left our friends drove over to my house ran in to get my pain pills - called Eryn. Crying......... planned on waiting 20 minutes to see if I could manage or if I needed to go to the ER. I drove to get the girls at school - and was crying, breathing heavy- and the look on Micaela's face when she saw me - she knew something was wrong. Just a side note I have gotten pretty good at hiding it, but the pain combined with the thought of not being able to go on my getaway... well I am not that good.
     Sorry this is taking so long - I waited for the pain meds to kick in, was still in pain but they did take the edge off. But the reality was what if things get worse I am on a plane?  Mike needs to be at a the conference, if things get worse down there and I need to go to the hospital. So I decided not to go, I prayed and really felt like that was a good decision.
     Eryn drove me to the ER. This was old hat - for me but I honestly can't remember the last time I was in this much pain. They rushed me back - and 3 different nurses tried for a little over and hour, no one could get an IV started. (Where is my  port when I need it?) So they decided to give me shots and have me come in the next day for ivs- I felt better - the pain was definitely gone.
     I slept in the next day - I actually slept most of the day thanks to the drugs - but when I wasn't sleeping I cried a lot. I couldn't believe I was here in my bed and not there. Mike and I were both so disappointed. I was questioning did I really make the right decision. If I did, why am I okay right now? Thankfully for Mike - he was proud of me for making a decision on my own - (something I really struggle to do). He also pointed out we will probably never know why things worked out this way, but I did what I thought I should do. For now I am letting that comfort me while still being sad about how it all worked out. We were going to stay until Sunday but Mike is coming home Saturday afternoon.
   Enough of the whining.........thanks for listening.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Clothing Swap - this Friday, May 14th 11am to 6 ish, ish

Okay it is back on.  Sorry for the late notice,
but sometimes that is better.
  It is FRIDAY MAY 14th 11am to 6ish
(aren't you excited- I am)

If you can, bring your stuff before - or in the morning. . Grab three things - or a few more. - It doesn't need to be overwhelming. If you only have time to get it in a bag - I am happy to price it for you.

Sorry for not too much notice, I guess a next week is busy for lots of people with school so soon being out.............. A few of you wrote last time about not being able to participate - no worries. But some were out of town - so the short of it grab whatever clothing - you your kids, your hubby, your friend, your sister, that you aren't wearing - too big, too small, forgot to return, just doesn't fit right........... anyway stick a sticker on it, with the size, PRICE you set, and your name. Include on envelope if you don't want to put an envelope on them all. Once your item is purchased I will collect your money and
return it to you a few days after the sale. Tell your friends - the more the better. 
REMEMBER you can just come and shop you DO NOT have to have clothes to SELL.
Or you can just sell and not shop!

Just stop by and visit- I promise to have something yummy..... a treat, I would love to visit. I had a lot of fun last year. I already have recieved great things - especially kids stuff.Call me with questions.
One girls trash is anothers treasure.............